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You’re Not Hungry. You’re Lonely.

When discussing emotional eating triggers, clients often say they are bored. I routinely tell people that I don’t believe boredom is a real emotion. We have so many things to capture our attention, so food doesn’t need to be among them. When I ask clients about triggers for emotional eating, some people are so out […]

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Body Shaming Has Gotten Us Nowhere

Body shaming is all around us. While it has gotten somewhat better thanks to celebrities speaking out against body shaming practices, it is still very much alive. Sit in a group of women and if it doesn’t start right away, eventually the conversation will turn to what they are doing to change their weight. Sadly, […]

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Dieting is the Gateway to Binge Eating

Binge eating and dieting have a very adversarial relationship, but they are so intertwined. This occurs in two ways. 1. Research has shown that childhood dieting is directly linked to binge eating behavior in adulthood. However, ANY food deprivation in childhood will create this behavior. When we are deprived of food in our formative years […]

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Binge Eating and the Brain

Binge eating is far more complicated than it appears on the surface. It drives me crazy when clients tell me the people in their lives tell them to simply stop overeating. Well, gee, I guess they hadn’t thought of that before! Binge eating creates powerful connections in the brain and it isn’t as simple as […]

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Sleep Deprivation- The Silent Saboteur

You have started a new plan and you can’t seem to stay on track. Day after day, you find yourself reaching for sugar. You want to do something different, but you can’t seem to stop yourself. The number one question I ask my clients when they describe this pattern is “How much sleep do you […]

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