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Letters To Your Body

Letters are such an amazing form of communication. They allow us to fully formulate our thoughts before we say something we can’t take back. The written word is also very powerful. It allows our brain to process our thoughts more effectively. I want you to write a series of letters to your body. The first […]

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‘Tis The Season For Emotional Eating…

This is the time of year when few people want to look at weight loss or their eating habits. It strikes me as interesting because this is the best time of year to look at emotional eating. I say this because most people think of emotional eating linked to negative emotions. For most people, the […]

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Love your body

How Is Your Self-Talk Working For You?

How many times have you tried to make changes in your life with eating and exercise? 10? 20? Every Monday for the last 15 years? How often has that decision been made under duress, in that, you are tired of feeling the way you do, but beating yourself up every step of the way. Do […]

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You Can’t Be Trusted!

Woah. That seems harsh! If you knew someone who made you promise after promise and never followed through, would you trust them? If you knew someone who consistently spoke critically about you and rarely gave positive feedback, would you want to do anything for them? I sure hope the answer is no! If you are […]

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Unlocking Emotional Eating with ART

I am always looking for new and better ways to help my clients resolve emotional eating. When I became trained in EMDR Therapy, I felt like I had found my home. I LOVE EMDR Therapy. I use it to resolve past trauma that created an unhealthy relationship with food and then, I use it to […]

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Take Your Food Power Back

It can seem as though food is in the driver seat. Binge eating makes us feel powerless and weak. We don’t even necessarily want to eat many times, but like a moth to the flame, we can’t seem to stop ourselves. Does this sound familiar? Now, compound that with the many diets you have probably […]

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The Missing Ingredient

If you are like most of my clients, you have done the weight loss/weight gain yo-yo. You have tried every diet under the sun. You have told yourself that the next time would be different….until it wasn’t. So, what gets in the way every. single. time? You just aren’t that into it. Wait. What? No. […]

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The Last Binge

Binge eating is a complex animal. It feels like a friend until it becomes the enemy. When we are young with limited coping skills and even less power, food becomes a powerful escape. We escape the pain and emptiness of not having our needs met. As we grow up, the pathways formed in our brain […]

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No Feeling is Final- How to End Emotional Eating

Most people struggle with emotional eating. More often than not, they probably have no idea they are eating for emotional reasons. Emotional eating becomes so habitual, we eventually turn off emotional cues before we even register them. Often, I will ask a new client what prompts their emotional eating episodes and they will say it […]

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