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A Battle With Compulsive Eating

I struggled with compulsive eating for many, many years. I felt empty inside and ate to fill the void. Food feels like a hug from the inside out. When we eat to that stuffed point, it somehow feels like it grounds us. We temporarily feel a calm in the chaos. However, it is only temporary. […]

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Do You Even Taste Your Food?

When you aren’t really hungry, eating too fast or eating to soothe emotions, do you actually taste your food? I’m guessing the answer is no. When we do not allow ourselves to be fully present, we miss the experience of the food and it is much harder to feel satisfied. The sensation of fullness brings […]

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Stop Trying To Shame Yourself Into Change

As a culture we use shame to try to change our behavior. When has that ever worked for you? In my experience, shame just drives me further into emotional eating. I am listening to Brenè Brown’s audio recording The Power of Vulnerability for the third time. If you haven’t ever read one of her books […]

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The Emotional Eating Part

Emotional eating is a complex issue. When you have told someone about your struggle with weight and eating, how often has the response been, “well, just don’t eat so much”? Gee. I guess you hadn’t considered that option, right?! If only it were that easy! I have worked with emotional eating for a long time […]

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Emotional Eating and Hebb’s Law

Emotional eating is an issue most people face at one time or another. So many people don’t even recognize it, but if you aren’t physically hungry and you are reaching for food, it is emotional eating. If it isn’t physical, it is emotional. Let’s face it, food feels good. It is entertaining. It is soothing. […]

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When A Cookie Isn’t Just A Cookie

Oh forbidden foods! How often do you look at a cookie/cake/pastry/insert favorite treat here and think about how much you want it, but shouldn’t have it? How much do you obsess about it? Probably until you eat it, right? Or, if you do decide to eat it right away, how long do you obsess about […]

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You’re Not Hungry. You’re Lonely.

When discussing emotional eating triggers, clients often say they are bored. I routinely tell people that I don’t believe boredom is a real emotion. We have so many things to capture our attention, so food doesn’t need to be among them. When I ask clients about triggers for emotional eating, some people are so out […]

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