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Binge Eating and the Brain

Binge eating is far more complicated than it appears on the surface. It drives me crazy when clients tell me the people in their lives tell them to simply stop overeating. Well, gee, I guess they hadn’t thought of that before! Binge eating creates powerful connections in the brain and it isn’t as simple as […]

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97.1 ZHT

97.1 ZHT Interview- Binge Eating Awareness

In my latest interview on 97.1 ZHT, we are talking about binge eating. February is Eating Disorder Awareness month. To learn more, you are welcome to attend Beyond Overeating: Overcoming Binge Eating. This free seminar will be held Tuesday 2/23 at the St. Mark’s Hospital (1200 E 3900 S) Lamb Auditorium (2nd floor- Women’s Pavilion)at […]

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