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Do This One Thing to End Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is sneaky. It is easy to think, “just one more” or “it’s been a rough day, so I deserve this”. Our patterns with food often become ingrained early in our lives when food is our only way to find escape or relief from pain. The more we use it, the less pain we […]

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Suffering is Optional

When I say suffering is optional, that might seem loaded. I don’t believe that anyone can move through life unscathed. Struggle is very much a part of life. What we choose to do with that struggle is the optional part. This might sound flippant considering the horrific things humans experience on an ongoing basis. I […]

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What’s Wrong With Me?

What’s wrong with me? I often have clients say, “I know what to do, but I can’t seem to make myself do it. What’s wrong with me?”. This dangerous territory because it is inherently shame inducing and assumes that you are a problem to be solved. With each repeated exposure to these self-defeating beliefs, you […]

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It’s Not You, It’s Your Energy

Have you tried all the things and you still find yourself struggling? Do you keep wondering what you are missing? I have definitely been there! I tried all the things. I am naturally curious about myself, so I am constantly on the path to self-discovery and no matter what I tried, I found myself bumping […]

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Weight Management

Finally get the help you need to get off the weight and dieting rollercoaster by learning the skills to help you lose weight and permanently keep it off.


Learn the skills you need to be free of these Codependent relationship traps. Learn to let go and find the peace and contentment you want in your relationships.

Women's Issues

Many women struggle with their role in life and in their relationships. By exploring women's issues, you can learn to assert your needs in relationships.

Stress Management

How is stress impacting your life? Stress can be helpful in some cases. It helps us manage time and get things done, but often it can impact us in negative ways.


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Weight Loss - Stress Management

Counseling for barriers to health, wellness and relationship goals.

Take the time to make the life you want and have the happiness you deserve.
Learn skills to remove the emotional barriers to your weight loss goals, and gain tools to make lasting change. Change your relationship with food to permanently lose weight. Stop the cycle of self-sabotage and start feeling confident.


Weight Loss Counseling in Utah

Have you gone on diet after diet with minimal or no success? Have you lost weight only to gain it back plus more? Research shows that most dieters gain back all weight lost plus approximately 10%. Chronic dieting leads to feelings of failure and people tend to sabotage their efforts before they even start. Do you feel preoccupied with thoughts of food? Do you struggle with emotional eating, binge eating or food addiction? Are you tired of being ruled by food? Do you constantly criticize your body? Do you ask yourself why you can't lose weight? Stop the struggle! We are here to help you end the battle.

Salt Lake Weight Counseling provides proven counseling techniques to help you end emotional eating, binge eating and stop patterns of self-sabotage in weight loss. By addressing underlying emotional barriers, you can finally get off the weight loss roller coaster. When you remove the emotional barriers keeping you stuck, losing weight seems more manageable. We will help you target the emotional connection to food to experience long term weight loss results.

If you live in Utah and are in need of weight loss counseling and support, contact us today.

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