Fees/What To Expect

What to expect:

This is not a diet or weight loss program. I focus on the emotional barriers to achieving and maintaining a healthy weight.  Using a variety of therapeutic techniques, I help people let go of the adversarial relationship with food and eat according to hunger and fullness. This is only possible through healing the emotional experiences that created your relationship with food. I don’t just provide talk therapy. I utilize a 3 powerful trauma therapies called  EMDR  Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing), Comprehensive Resource Model and ART (Accelerated Resolution Therapy) along with hypnotherapy which allows us to cut through barriers that would take months or years in traditional therapy, if we ever got there at all. This allows for extremely rapid healing. It also helps us rewire the brain around food. Like you, I do not want this journey to be a long-term process. I  am committed to providing the most effective and efficient treatment possible and I have extensive training to make this possible. 

Weekly sessions are recommended until the first processing targets have been closed. Then, sessions can generally be spaced out. It is difficult to gain traction with healing meeting less often in the beginning and it is not advisable to meet less than every other week with EMDR Therapy, Comprehensive Resource Model and ART until substantial healing is achieved.

All sessions are conducted online. I am licensed in UTAH, ARIZONA, COLORADO IDAHO and FLORIDA. Sessions are only available to residents of these states.

Length of treatment varies wildly from one individual to another depending on trauma history and other factors contributing to emotional eating.  Length of treatment can vary greatly depending on your history and follow through with homework assignments. Generally, due to the therapies used, treatment is not a long-term process.

Payment and Fees:

As I am a licensed mental health provider, sessions are covered under mental health or behavioral health benefits.

For insurance coverage, I only participate directly with DMBA, and U of U Health plans Healthy Premier and Healthy Preferred. If you have a different insurance provider, I will provide the necessary documentation for you to access any out of network benefits you may have. When contacting your insurance company to inquire about out of network benefits, you will need to ask specifically about reimbursement for CPT codes 90791 (initial session), 90834 (45 minute follow up) and 90837 (53 minute follow up).

I am able to accept HSA funds for payment.
For specific out of network benefits, please contact your insurance carrier.
My fee is $200 per 45-50 minute session
If you are looking for a lower cost option, consider my 6 week Food Freedom Emotional Eating Bootcamp e-course!

If this sounds like the support you need, fill out the form on the right side (desktop) or bottom (mobile device) of this page and I will contact you within one business day. 

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