Weight Management

Finally get the help you need to get off the weight and dieting rollercoaster!

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  • Remove Emotional Barriers to Weight Loss
  • End Emotional Eating
  • Stop Compulsive Overeating
  • Conquer Binge Eating
  • Overcome Food Addiction

Weight loss services and diets are a 60 billion dollar per year industry. They literally bank on your ongoing struggle with weight loss. I teach you how to make peace with food. You will learn the skills the end emotional eating.

When you stop emotional eating, it doesn’t mean you stop enjoying food. Actually, it is quite the opposite. When you learn to eat mindfully, you enjoy food more. When you begin to savor food, it becomes more satisfying. By addressing emotional eating, you will start coping with emotions effectively and food will no longer be a friend or enemy. Using proven techniques, I addresse binge eating, compulsive overeating and food addiction to heal your relationship with food.

My goal is to give tools and resources to help heal the unhealthy connection most people have with food. By making peace with food, you can learn to enjoy eating without guilt, shame or feelings of deprivation. I focus on small changes that build upon one another without making you feel like you are changing everything at once which leads to all or nothing patterns and keep you feeling hopeless. By starting small, you begin to feel successful with each step.

By addressing your emotional barriers, counseling will help you:

  • Gain insight into the dynamics of your eating habits
  • Find new and healthy ways to identify, express, and redirect key emotions without food
  • Learn the skills to stop obsessing about food and enjoy your life
  • Gradually make changes which are realistic and sustainable
  • Learn to generalize what you learn in real life situations to make weight loss permanent

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