Online Emotional Eating Bootcamp Course


Are you a chronic yo-yo dieter?
Do you constantly think about food?
Do you eat when you aren’t hungry?
Do you make promises to yourself only to break them?
Do you beat yourself up when it comes to your eating patterns?
Do you feel stuck in this pattern, but don’t know how to get out?
Are you exhausted by how much of a toll your relationship with food takes?


In this 6 week Food Freedom Emotional Eating E-course, we explore how emotional eating forms, what emotional and behavioral conditions contribute to patterns and what you can do to change your relationship with food. This program isn’t about giving you canned skills to avoid urges like taking a walk or a bath (not that anything is wrong with those coping skills), but actually giving you tools to address underlying emotions that lead to emotional eating.

I am an expert at helping people banish binge eating and emotional eating! I have spent the last 12 years specializing in overeating and fine tuning the process to get people unstuck from self-sabotage. My goal is to get you out of the shame spiral that keeps you stuck in a pattern of overeating and punishing yourself. Each week, you will receive a video lesson and homework that include educational information and experiential exercises to get to the core of your relationship with food. For half the cost of one individual session, you can get the help you need though this online format!

Online Emotional Eating Bootcamp Course


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Individual telehealth counseling sessions are also available for residents of Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Utah. If you think you need more intensive support, contact me today!

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