Improving Body Image

In this interview with Frankie and Jess on 97.1 ZHT, we talk about building a healthier body image

Handling Stress Without Food

In my latest interview on Studio 5, I explain how we wire food to stress relief and what we can do instead

The Truth About Losing Belly Fat

97.1 ZHT interview on what really works when it comes to losing belly fat

Binge Eating- Eating Disorder Awareness Month

97.1 ZHT interview on Binge Eating awareness

Avoiding Holiday Weight Gain

Listen to my latest interview on 97.1 ZHT for avoiding the holiday battle of the bulge

The Destructive Nature of A Negative Body Image

Watch my KSL interview on body image



Check out my radio interview about comfort eating on 97.1ZHT with The Morning Zoo



How To Practice Mindful Eating

Studio 5 interview with Brooke Walker


Ways To Build A Better Body Image

Studio 5 interview with Brooke Walker


Do You Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Food?

Studio 5 interview with Brooke Walker

Mid-Life Eating Disorders

Watch my Fox 13 interview with Dave Nemeth about the struggle with eating disorders in mid-life


Why Can’t I Lose Weight?

Watch my latest Studio 5 interview to learn more….



Tips To Combat Emotional Eating

KSL Studio 5 interview on Emotional Eating



How To Beat Binge Eating

Watch my latest KSL Studio 5 interview on Binge Eating

Why Dieting Is a Don’t

Watch my KSL Studio 5 interview with Brooke Walker on Secrets The Diet Industry Doesn’t Want You To Know.

Food Addiction and Emotional Eating

Here is a video from my appearance on KSL’s Your Life Your Health about food addiction and emotional eating:


Utah is Stressed

Watch my Fox interview about how Utah is the 4th most stressed state in the country. Read the article and see the video

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