Emotional Eating Therapy in Utah

What is emotional eating? Clients will often answer this question with undesirable emotions like stress, loneliness, sadness, etc. While all of these emotions do contribute to emotional eating, emotional eating is the act of eating when we aren’t physically hungry. We become so uncomfortable with perceived negative emotions that we start to use food as our main coping skill. After years of going to food at the first sign of discomfort, it becomes an automatic process that we no longer consciously think about why we are eating. We lose touch with our hunger and fullness signals and eat for any reason. In our clinic, we address emotional eating directly by identifying the source of the emotional connection to food and use specialized therapeutic techniques to disrupt the connection in the brain. The result is a reduced intensity in the urge to eat when you aren’t physically hungry. If you struggle with emotional eating, fill out the contact form to learn more about how I can help you heal your relationship with food.

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