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Emotional Eating Relapse Prevention

When we continually find ourselves in emotional eating patterns, we ask why we can’t just be “good” and eat what we know we “should”. Good idea in theory, but as you have probably discovered, willpower alone is not enough to change your cycle. Here are some things to think about….. How has emotional eating caused […]

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How Does Your Food Make You Feel?

How do you feel when you eat certain foods? This might sound like a bizarre question. Have you ever really stopped to pay attention to your body and how it reacts to certain foods? I was pondering this earlier today. I was in a rush and couldn’t go home to eat lunch, so I stopped […]

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Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

When it comes to change, humans struggle. When humans have painful life experiences, they struggle more. I find that in nearly all cases, my clients have some history of trauma. They learned at some point in their life that they didn’t matter or didn’t deserve happiness. By the time they end up in my office, […]

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The F Word

Fat. When did our world start to revolve around fat? Fat hate is everywhere. Around every turn, we are constantly blasted with messages villainizing it and anyone who carries extra weight. Fat has become a 4 letter word. We have been socialized to criticize and shame it outwardly and inwardly. The truth is, fat is […]

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