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4 Reasons We Overeat

Many people who find themselves battling overeating patterns think that they just need to try harder. They just need to have more willpower, stop being lazy, shame themselves into change. These strategies rarely work for more than a few weeks. To understand patterns of overeating, it is important to know why these patterns start to […]

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Stop Punishing Yourself For Overeating!

All too often, people engage in overeating and then beat themselves up. Let me ask you…..where does this get you? I would guarantee it doesn’t end anywhere positive! We are conditioned to lead with the stick when it comes to our behavior and punish ourselves when we believe we have been “bad”. This is dangerous […]

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Emotional Eating And The Cycle Of Shame

Most women struggle with emotional eating. Many men struggle with emotional eating as well, but they don’t seem to recognize it as readily as women. Emotional eating tends to breed shame. When someone asks me what I do and I tell them that I specialize in emotional eating, I get one of two responses. Either […]

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Why Choose A Counselor For Overeating?

When it comes to overeating, looking to an overeating counselor is not something that most people think about for a solution. Instead, they just beat themselves up by telling themselves they are not good enough, lazy and lack willpower. So, they hit the diet scene with gusto. They hire a personal trainer or spend hundreds […]

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