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Stop Trying To Shame Yourself Into Change

As a culture we use shame to try to change our behavior. When has that ever worked for you? In my experience, shame just drives me further into emotional eating. I am listening to Brenè Brown’s audio recording The Power of Vulnerability for the third time. If you haven’t ever read one of her books […]

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Shame, Shame, You Know Your Name

Most  people who struggle with feelings of shame wear it like a thick blanket. It has been with them for so long, they don’t know what life is like without it. Shame creates a lot of problems in our lives. This is particularly true in self-care. Shame leads us to sabotage ourselves and leave us […]

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Binge Eating Thrives In Shame

For those of you who have struggled with binge eating, you have probably felt a looming sense of shame along with it. I can’t tell you how many people I have encountered who either avoid eye contact when I tell them what I do or tell me that they hide their eating from everyone in […]

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