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I Hate My Body!

A poor body image leads to low self-esteem and vice versa. Statistics estimate that 91% of women struggle with a negative body image. I HATE my thighs. My butt is so big. I am so fat. I am so ugly. I would be attractive if I could just change my nose. How often do these […]

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Thanksgiving For Your Body

As we embark on Thanksgiving, it is important to find gratitude in our lives. While it is important to give thanks for many things, I think gratitude for our bodies is often overlooked. Most women struggle with accepting or even tolerating our bodies. We are so critical of ourselves. Instead of spending so much time […]

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Ways To Boost Your Body Image

I recently connected with Kate Daigle, a counselor in Denver. I wanted to share her recent blog post on 10 ways to improve body image….. 1.) Ask yourself: “How do I feel about my body?”  2.)  Find a body image boost buddy (BBB).  Reach out to someone you trust and talk about body image. 3.)  Speak […]

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