Win The War Against Holiday Weight Gain

holiday-weightThanksgiving marks the beginning of six weeks of gluttony for most people. Over the years, we have heard shocking statistics of weight gain over the holidays. Some sources have reported an average of 5 to 10 pounds. More recently, it seems that weight gain is more likely to be 1-5 pounds. This doesn’t have to be the case for you. Here are some tips to avoid overeating at holiday parties:

  1. Keep emotional eating in check. Engaging in self-care throughout the year, but particularly during the holidays, is necessary. Make sure you get enough sleep, manage your stress effectively and keep life balanced. Let go of any guilt around food because it will only lead to overeating.
  2. Don’t go to a party famished. When you allow yourself to get too hungry, you will likely overeat. Try eating something small like an apple before you arrive. This will allow you to eat more consciously.
  3. Scan the spread. Look at all of the available food items and prioritize before you put anything on your plate. This will allow you to identify which items you truly want most.
  4. Take small portions. Just because it looks good, doesn’t mean it is! Take enough to taste. Otherwise, you may find yourself finishing something you don’t like because it is simply in front of you or out of a sense of obligation. You can always go back for more.
  5. Use a plate and sit down. Using a plate allows you to see how much you are eating and sitting limits access. If you stand near the food and eat from the platter, you don’t have any clue how much you are eating.
  6. Delay and distance. If you find yourself wanting more food, wait 10 minutes and find something to capture your attention.
    After 10 minutes, if you find yourself hungry, go through the steps again.

Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Weber State University and a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Utah. She has been working in the mental health field since 2001.
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