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3 Steps to End the Downward Spiral

If you struggle with emotional eating, you know about the downward spiral all too well. Picture this…it is Monday morning and you are fresh off a weekend of self-sabotage and into a new plan. You are feeling hopeful and confident. Hopeful and confident…until you encounter some stress and your favorite food to eat when you […]

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Eating to Dissociate

Emotional eating is a form of dissociation. If you aren’t familiar with the term dissociation, it is the ability for the brain to separate from pain. When injured in an accident, your brain can block physical pain in order to survive. Our brain does the same thing with emotional pain. Life exposes us to a […]

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Food As a Flashback

In his amazing book Complex PTSD: From Surviving to Thriving, Pete Walker discusses how trauma impacts a person’s ability to cope even years after the traumatic events in childhood. Even if you didn’t have your emotional or physical needs met in childhood, I strongly recommend reading this book. He has an excellent chapter on emotional […]

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The Emotional Eating Part

Emotional eating is a complex issue. When you have told someone about your struggle with weight and eating, how often has the response been, “well, just don’t eat so much”? Gee. I guess you hadn’t considered that option, right?! If only it were that easy! I have worked with emotional eating for a long time […]

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Emotional Eating and Hebb’s Law

Emotional eating is an issue most people face at one time or another. So many people don’t even recognize it, but if you aren’t physically hungry and you are reaching for food, it is emotional eating. If it isn’t physical, it is emotional. Let’s face it, food feels good. It is entertaining. It is soothing. […]

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You’re Not Hungry. You’re Lonely.

When discussing emotional eating triggers, clients often say they are bored. I routinely tell people that I don’t believe boredom is a real emotion. We have so many things to capture our attention, so food doesn’t need to be among them. When I ask clients about triggers for emotional eating, some people are so out […]

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End Emotional Eating With This Skill

You got caught up in emotional eating again. You told yourself that you wouldn’t keep doing this, but it feels like you can’t stop yourself. Sometimes, we tend to be on autopilot when it comes to food. We have gotten so accustomed to engaging in emotional eating that we don’t even realize we are emotional. […]

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Hypnosis For Emotional Eating

I specialize in emotional eating in my practice. I am passionate about helping people heal their relationship with food. Emotional eating is a seemingly simple, but quite complex issue and has a lot of consequences. My clients tend to struggle with their weight as a result of overeating and then engage in self-defeating talk to […]

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EMDR Therapy for Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is a complex issue that often has deep roots. By using EMDR Therapy, we can get to the core of the relationship with food and quickly work through past issues. In this video, I explain more about how EMDR Therapy works and how I use it to address emotional eating.

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