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Love your body

Letters To Your Body

Letters are such an amazing form of communication. They allow us to fully formulate our thoughts before we say something we can’t take back. The written word is also very powerful. It allows our brain to process our thoughts more effectively. I want you to write a series of letters to your body. The first […]

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I Hate My Body!

A poor body image leads to low self-esteem and vice versa. Statistics estimate that 91% of women struggle with a negative body image. I HATE my thighs. My butt is so big. I am so fat. I am so ugly. I would be attractive if I could just change my nose. How often do these […]

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Ways To Boost Your Body Image

I recently connected with Kate Daigle, a counselor in Denver. I wanted to share her recent blog post on 10 ways to improve body image….. 1.) Ask yourself: “How do I feel about my body?”  2.)  Find a body image boost buddy (BBB).  Reach out to someone you trust and talk about body image. 3.)  Speak […]

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