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Stop Sabotaging Yourself!

When it comes to change, humans struggle. When humans have painful life experiences, they struggle more. I find that in nearly all cases, my clients have some history of trauma. They learned at some point in their life that they didn’t matter or didn’t deserve happiness. By the time they end up in my office, […]

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Hypnosis and Emotional Eating

Hypnosis is a misunderstood tool and can be extremely effective for helping people with behavior change. Here at Salt Lake Weight Counseling, we have begun using it for emotional eating along with our other therapeutic tools. What exactly is hypnosis? It is a heightened state of consciousness that allows us to speak directly to the […]

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The F Word

Fat. When did our world start to revolve around fat? Fat hate is everywhere. Around every turn, we are constantly blasted with messages villainizing it and anyone who carries extra weight. Fat has become a 4 letter word. We have been socialized to criticize and shame it outwardly and inwardly. The truth is, fat is […]

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6 Reasons You Can’t Stop Your Emotional Eating

For many, emotional eating feels like a runaway train. They want to stop themselves and feel powerless. There are a few reasons for this. You hate yourself. This might seem harsh, but every person I have encountered who is entrenched deeply in emotional eating tends to have a deep sense of self-hatred. Emotional eating serves […]

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