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The Key To Weight Loss Is Not About Weight

Salt Lake Weight Counseling….you guys help people with weight loss, right? When a new client calls for an appointment, they often want to focus on weight loss. Sure, weight counseling is obviously part of what we do, but the weight piece is a very, very small part. The biggest key to achieving and maintaining a […]

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Shame, Shame, You Know Your Name

Most  people who struggle with feelings of shame wear it like a thick blanket. It has been with them for so long, they don’t know what life is like without it. Shame creates a lot of problems in our lives. This is particularly true in self-care. Shame leads us to sabotage ourselves and leave us […]

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Emotional Eating And The Cycle Of Shame

Most women struggle with emotional eating. Many men struggle with emotional eating as well, but they don’t seem to recognize it as readily as women. Emotional eating tends to breed shame. When someone asks me what I do and I tell them that I specialize in emotional eating, I get one of two responses. Either […]

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Stop Using Food To Fill The Void!

Do you frequently use food to cope? If so, it is likely that you tend to use food to fill an emotional void. Often, I see clients who use food to meet emotional needs for comfort, nurturing, relief and although they miss these quite a bit, defiance and control. When I ask clients to start […]

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EMDR Therapy And Binge Eating

EMDR Therapy, as described in a previous article, What Is EMDR Therapy? is a powerful therapy developed in the 80’s to address trauma. When we look at trauma, it all occurs on a spectrum. While most tend to think of trauma as simply abuse and war, we also see residual effects of trauma in simple experiences like […]

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