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Emotional Eating Online Coaching Program

We are excited to announce our new online coaching program for emotional eating! As you embark on your New Year’s resolutions for weight loss, think about incorporating coaching to address underlying patterns of emotional eating that contribute to self-sabotage. By gaining the skills to change your relationship with food, you can increase your success this […]

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EMDR Therapy and Weight Loss

There are so many things out there that say will help you with weight loss. Why is it that most things don’t change for long? It is because the emotional connection to food is HUGE! Our emotional connection to food begins in infancy. We were often given food when we cried because no one knew […]

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Self-Compassion For Binge Eating

Most people how struggle with binge eating have little to no compassion for themselves. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Binge eating is usually mired in a relationship of shame and self-deprecation. Very few people struggling with this level of emotional eating actually stop to look at the function binge eating serves. We all have […]

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What Is Food Addiction?

Many people who struggle with weight management have an underlying emotional connection to food. They diet time and again hoping for weight loss and feeling more hopeless.It isn’t simply a lack of willpower! There are many hidden emotional barriers to this dance in weight loss. If you have struggled with this over and over, you […]

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The Beginning Of The Emotional Eating Season!

Oh Halloween! While Thanksgiving is the official start of the holiday season, I believe that the emotional eating and overindulging actually starts with Halloween. All of the cookies and candies that come with Halloween are a treat and a trick. Many people started buying Halloween candy as soon as it was available about four weeks […]

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New Clearfield Location!

We are pleased to announce our new Davis County location. I have had many clients make the trek from as far north as Logan over the last four years. We recognize that coming to appointments in Salt Lake requires a tremendous commitment! We are so excited about adding a new location in Clearfield to enable […]

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Free Orientation Session

What does counseling have to do with weight management? I think this is a thought many people have. The reality is that the biggest barriers to maintaining a healthy weight are emotional. If you want to learn more about how we address these emotional eating and patterns of self-sabotage, please join us for an introduction […]

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