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6 Reasons We Struggle With Overeating

We all overeat from time to time. We’re American…that’s just what we do! Our portion sizes are huge and we live in an abundance of food. There are a few other reasons we tend to overeat: Food is delicious! It is actually engineered to be that way. The food industry spends billions of dollars each […]

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New Clearfield Location!

We are pleased to announce our new Davis County location. I have had many clients make the trek from as far north as Logan over the last four years. We recognize that coming to appointments in Salt Lake requires a tremendous commitment! We are so excited about adding a new location in Clearfield to enable […]

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Why Do I Need Counseling To Lose Weight?

How many times have you asked yourself the question, “Why Can’t I Lose Weight?” You know what to do right? You’ve done every diet under the sun. You have counted points. You have counted calories. You have even counted carbs. You have bought every pill that promises to lose belly fat or eliminate your appetite. […]

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