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Does He Like Me?

Does He Like Me? This is a question every single girl says at some point during her dating journey. We think about it. We obsess about it. We play and replay every action and every work dissecting it beyond recognition. Why are we so concerned about what he thinks? As I watch friends navigate this […]

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What is Holding You Back?

We all have dreams and  aspirations, but many times we get stuck with them just beyond reach. It seems that often this is due to fear. We become paralyzed by the unknown. What is Holding You Back? What happens if I fail? What happens if I succeed? Sometimes it seems like we are afraid of […]

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Deep Breath

How often have you heard people say take “deep breath” to calm someone down? It sounds a little patronizing doesn’t it? Actually, that breath could be the best thing you do for yourself all day. When you are upset or stressed, do you find yourself holding your breath? Most people do not even notice it, […]

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