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Binge Eating and the Brain

Binge eating is far more complicated than it appears on the surface. It drives me crazy when clients tell me the people in their lives tell them to simply stop overeating. Well, gee, I guess they hadn’t thought of that before! Binge eating creates powerful connections in the brain and it isn’t as simple as […]

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Emotional Eating Intensive Treatment

Do you struggle with emotional eating? Have you gone on diet after diet and struggled to achieve your goal or make changes? Do you feel like food and weight rule your life? I am excited to announce intensive treatment sessions for emotional eating and Binge Eating Disorder. Using a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, EMDR […]

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5 Steps To Busting Binge Eating

If you struggle with binge eating, it can feel like an endless cycle. Here are 5 steps that will help you stop binge eating in its tracks….. Stop dieting. It is a well-established fact that dieting, particularly restrictive diets, set us up for binge eating behavior. If you tell me not to eat something, it […]

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97.1 ZHT Interview- Binge Eating Awareness

In my latest interview on 97.1 ZHT, we are talking about binge eating. February is Eating Disorder Awareness month. To learn more, you are welcome to attend Beyond Overeating: Overcoming Binge Eating. This free seminar will be held Tuesday 2/23 at the St. Mark’s Hospital (1200 E 3900 S) Lamb Auditorium (2nd floor- Women’s Pavilion)at […]

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Your Food Bully And Binge Eating

Many of us have a food bully. It lurks in the shadows waiting to pop out at a moment’s notice. It encourages us to keep eating past the point of fullness and inevitably throws many of us into the binge eating cycle. Have you ever wondered why you can’t stop yourself when you are in […]

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EMDR Therapy And Binge Eating

EMDR Therapy, as described in a previous article, What Is EMDR Therapy? is a powerful therapy developed in the 80’s to address trauma. When we look at trauma, it all occurs on a spectrum. While most tend to think of trauma as simply abuse and war, we also see residual effects of trauma in simple experiences like […]

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The Birth Of Binge Eating Disorder

Binge Eating Disorder affects more Americans than Anorexia and Bulimia combined, yet most people don’t recognize it as a legitimate eating disorder. The exact cause of Binge Eating Disorder is unknown. There are a lot of theories about the causes of binge eating, but nothing is definitive. Experts now argue that many eating disorders are […]

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