Battling Weight Loss- The Truth About Pound Shedding Tips

When it comes to the battle with weight loss, so many people get stuck in the pound shedding trap. Lose 10 pounds in 10 days!! All the magazines tell you it is possible, you just need to eat these foods in this order at this time of day. Yeah right. How many of those have you tried? How many have been successful? Our culture is in need of a reboot. We are always looking for the quick fix. People want to start the weight loss process today and see results yesterday. Good luck! How well has that worked in the past? What do all of those articles and diets have in common? They are gimmicks. They play on your emotions. They are like the loud slot machines in a casino. What you don’t see are all the people who have put in large amounts of money and received nothing. Payoffs are minimal, but they sure get your attention. The latest fad diet is no exception and you play into it over and over. STOP NOW! Refuse to believe their lies. There are only two things that I have ever seen long term.

  • Deal with the emotional garbage that created the weight gain in the first place. This is number one for a reason. You will never move forward if the past is still weighing you down. No pun intended on that, but the past really does serve as an anchor physically and emotionally in many ways. By addressing those underlying issues, you open yourself up to emotional freedom. You allow yourself to let go of shame and you stop the self-sabotage cycle.
  • You have to make peace with food. This is part of the journey in dealing with your emotional garbage, but you need to go beyond dealing with the past to actively make peace with food. There are no good or bad foods. Don’t believe me? Read Intuitive Eating. It will change your life, if you allow it. Making peace with food does not mean you enter a free for all. By letting go of the adversarial relationship with food, you let go of the deprivation that eventually leads to a binge.
  • Make peace with your body. You can keep trying to lead your body to change with a stick (i.e. shaming it into submission), but that hasn’t worked up to this point, so I have little faith it will work in the future. You can’t change how your body looks right now, so berating yourself will only drive you further into emotional eating. Making peace with your body does not mean you can’t put effort into losing weight. Exactly the opposite. Once you start treating your body with respect, it might actually want to engage in healthy behaviors that will lead to weight loss.

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Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis

Michelle Lewis has a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from Weber State University and a Master's degree in Social Work from the University of Utah. She has been working in the mental health field since 2001.

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