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What Weight Counseling Is and Isn’t

When people hear weight counseling, they seem to automatically process it as “weight loss counseling”. While it is true, most people contact me because they are concerned about their weight, weight loss isn’t really what I do. This might be confusing. Weight loss deals with a lot of factors that are mostly focused on physical […]

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Love your body

Letters To Your Body

Letters are such an amazing form of communication. They allow us to fully formulate our thoughts before we say something we can’t take back. The written word is also very powerful. It allows our brain to process our thoughts more effectively. I want you to write a series of letters to your body. The first […]

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The Missing Ingredient

If you are like most of my clients, you have done the weight loss/weight gain yo-yo. You have tried every diet under the sun. You have told yourself that the next time would be different….until it wasn’t. So, what gets in the way every. single. time? You just aren’t that into it. Wait. What? No. […]

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Praying for weight loss

Weight Loss and The Biggest Loser Mentality

With all of the recent PR around the weight loss and weight gain struggle of former Biggest Loser contestants, it has sparked a lot of emotion for people who struggle with weight management. From my point of view, nothing about this is surprising. The way the show operates is a setup for the contestants to […]

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Why You Need To Ditch Your Weight Loss Goals

It’s January, so you probably have a weight loss goal in place for your New Year’s resolution, right? Have you already gotten discouraged, fallen off the plan and thought about giving up? These are all of the reasons why weight loss goals are detrimental. Let me break it down. Weight loss is an OUTCOME, not […]

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weight loss salt lake weight counseling

The Key To Weight Loss Is Not About Weight

Salt Lake Weight Counseling….you guys help people with weight loss, right? When a new client calls for an appointment, they often want to focus on weight loss. Sure, weight counseling is obviously part of what we do, but the weight piece is a very, very small part. The biggest key to achieving and maintaining a […]

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Getting To Your Ideal Weight

People engaged in the weight loss and weight gain battle often have a number in their head. It is either a number on the scale or a clothing size. The battle sheds a lot of blood. For many people, this battle is a struggle. It challenges their self-worth. They give up when they aren’t perfect […]

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